2020 as it Happens

Welcoming the year 2020 is not as GOOD as we expect. As I've said before that Filipinos are resilient,  We had face thousand times of typhoons during our entire life, Earthquakes and the likes, including the daily test on how we able to put food on our tables. Imagine, We're just on the 1st Quarter... Continue Reading →

See you in a bit(slow grind)

2019 has been fruitful so far. Til I suffer a bit setback that I know will affect my whole well being. Honestly, I missed climbing mountains, doing other things I usually do, or rather doing things I loved to do. March 2019 I suffered a broken tibia and fibula caused by a vehicular accident. I... Continue Reading →

Ending Year 2017 with a BANG!

Yes! 2017 has gone by so fast. Too many things happened. Ups, Downs, Difficulties, Heart aches. Sharing(Social service). I can say that 2017 can break or make me. Guess what? F*ck you 2017! You're too weak, You didn't break me! Thank you 2017! for making me TOUGH and RESILIENT with a HEART (wink).   The... Continue Reading →

On this day

Every choice you make, everything you do, you're bound to disappoint somebody...You just have to make sure you don't disappoint the WRONG ONE... -taong grasa *aug112010

One Short Trip in Tagaytay

Where do you go in Tagaytay if you are staying there for just 0.5 Day? It is just a short time, right? When your friend invites you for a sudden trip in tagaytay at the middle of the day, You will start thinking of how and where will you spend your time there and make... Continue Reading →

Getting started

I am planning to write for quite some time now. This site is created I think way back in 2012, Guess what! it’s 2017 now, wherein I have the courage to write my FIRST ever worthless writing(Lol). I just want to share my experiences, adventures, feats and other things with thinking that it might help someone someday in... Continue Reading →

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